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  The given material has not been channeled in the accepted understanding of this definition. The given work represents a new stage of space cooperation in searches of the Truth. The presented research was inspired by the discovery of the Crimean Underground Pyramids in 2001 by unique device recording subtle energy torsion components of a matter. The material is not completely finished and does not apply at all for the validity in last instance.  









  In a basis of live ability of stars and planets lays their nucleus. A nucleus - is a Heart of Star or Planetary Logos. Stars and the planets (hereinafter referred to as  "celestial objects") have the evolutionary mission and program, which is pawned in their Crystal (Nucleus). The life of the celestial objects proceeds as long as the evolutionary program is not realized in complete volume.

  A feed, necessary for celestial objects vital functions maintenance consists of  the binary principle: rough and subtle. The process is similar to a human being's feeding, using rough (food products and subtle  (air) food).

  The nucleus of the celestial objects consists of two parts: external and internal. There are a sound reason to believe, that celestial objects' nucleuses are cold inside and crystal in structure (!).  The reactions hot thermonuclear synthesis , as a result of which the hydrogen turns into helium, provide only part of their luminosity.

 The astronomers already noticed that some planets radiate more energy, than receive from the Sun. The similar situation is observed also with some stars. " The Missing link " is subtle torsion energy, developed in internal cold - crystal nucleus, in which the cold fusion reactions are taking place. The source of fuel for such reactor is physical vacuum - torsion field of the Universe. It consists of two opposite kinds of particles: torsions and antitorsions. In torsion reactor (both in natural, and artificial) an effect of torsion  and antitorsion "frequency acceleration"   is taking place up to such degree, that they begin to merge and initiate a chain reaction. 

  But, unlike of  unguided nuclear synthesis reaction, this one can be controlled completely and is safe due  to possibility of changing  working frequency of inner reaction environment. It happens as in the automobile: if it is necessary to get accelerated - you increase speed by pressing gas pedal, if it is necessary to brake - you  press on a brake. Torsion reactors should be copied from natural internal cold crystal celestial objects' nucleuses.

  The celestial objects' nucleuses are similar on a conceptual structure to the Universe: they are seven - plied.  Each layer serves for downturn of  energy frequency  vibration. The surface of the Earth or another celestial object are reached by acceptable by the given continuum energy frequency. Each layer of a nucleus has a different frequency range: in result of frequency reduction generation of huge quantity of energy occurs, which is directed on celestial objects' life providing.

  The source of a subtle feed of celestial objects provided by a Galactic Beam, emanated from the center of a Galaxy. Consistently passing seven cosmic belts it synchronizes its vibration. The energy liberated as a result of such frequency reduction  (braking frequency), is directed on power maintenance of celestial objects' live ability. 

  The galactic Beam consists of two dispersed flows of particles varying in frequency. They get in internal celestial object's reactor, merge and generate energy. In parallel hot thermonuclear synthesis reaction is taking place in an external layer of a nucleus. However additional combinations of subtle celestoenergies are necessary for a crystal nucleus to maintain a reaction; it is similar to normal burning of the terrestrial furnace: both fuel, and access of air is essential. These energies come, in particular, to a nucleus of the Earth, from stars through Pyramids, mixing up in a power cocktail by means of a Shamballa Crystal - a kind of a carburetor -and then are delivered to the Earth Nucleus. The given process of additional celestofeeding refers to as Earth turbo duct system.

 The used energy is purifying in Shamballa Crystal in its way back to Space and radiate to stars through Pyramids and Planetary Chakras.

 Thus energy transporting to a nucleus through Pyramids, is additional one, necessary for turbo duct system. The basic energy of Earth's feed - Galactic Beam.

   From esoteric point of view it can be said that in celestial objects' nucleuses the process of time and space burning is taking place. 











  The crystal of the Earth is similar on a structure to human heart. It consists of two pairs of chambers. As a result of such position the Crystal gets property of a Magnet.

  Space Magnet -Earth Crystal (Nucleus) magnetizes minor  crystals of pyramids and attract thus celestial - space energy. When the feedback of energy is necessary, the crystals are overturned and change its energy flow vector direction; therefore there is a pushing out or influx of energy. 

   "Pulling" of a Galactic Power Beam occurs similarly. The Earth is constructed by a quadruplicate principle of the parabolic aerial (Pic1). The points North, South, West, East plays a role of the collector of energy, which is translated in a Crystal (Nucleus) of the Earth. Equator is a parabolic disk of the aerial for North and South, and zero Greenwich meridians - for West and East.






   The galactic Beam is neutral and is not the focused flow of energy. It is distributed in space dispersively. Quadruplicate parabolic aerial of the Earth carries out a role of the collector of a Galactic Beam by analogy to work of the terrestrial satellite aerial.

  The galactic Beam is emanated from the Center of a Galaxy and consecutively goes on a Universe Spiral

  (Fig. 2 and 3), passing through the cascade of portals, which is consisted of seven Spiritual Suns. As a result of it vibrofrequency of a Galactic Beam is reduced up to acceptable by the lower hierarchical level data.

  The function of the synchronizer is carried out for the Earth by the Sun and Moon. The sun modulates frequency of a Beam and sends it into the space of solar system. Galactic Beam - is a power one, it does not bear in itself any evolutionary data or information. Info matrix of evolutionary development is incorporated in Crystals of Planets.

  The planets, as a rule, have their satellites. They carry out function " of thin filter clearing ".

 Galactic Beam is distributed dispersively in a " continuous broadcast" mode. However, by analogy to the human being there are nuances of such so-called " terrestrial feeding ". The Galactic Beam executes basic ╚feeding╩ of the Earth four times a year at the moment of equinoxes and solstices, as  well as human being, the Earth during a short interval of time makes reception of food, and then digests it and uses the extracted energy on maintenance of live. The used energy is defecated through South Pole and  removing under the reversal circuit to the Center of a Galaxy. 

  Galactic Beam has cyclic and pulsation nature, personifying palpation of Cosmic pulse. The galactic pulse is beaten non-uniformly and is analogous to a human being: during physical activity it is fast, during rest it is slowed down. With the Quantum Leap getting closer, the faster its pulsation.

The group NEW AGE MASTERS has a unique video material with the fixed pulsation of a Solar nucleus translating Galactic Beam. 












  The pyramids of a planet are multipurpose. They are the space mechanism of Earth nucleus control, fixation of its space coordinates, spiritual breath of the Earth, control of a biomatter, distribution of a Galactic Power Beam to the planet. Sometimes pyramids act in a role of Space and Time Portals.

  As is already established by the academician Vitaly A.Gokh, that pyramids of the Earth represent uniform Cosmo energy system. There are 144000 pyramids on Earth varying in size and location. The basic pyramids are grouped in 12 places on all populated continents. All pyramids are connected by power channels among themselves and to a nucleus (Crystal) of the Earth and are controlled by last. 12 basic groups of pyramids, control, in turn, another 12 small groups, which influence in aggregate all pyramids of a planet (12*12=144*1000=144000). Each of 144 basic pyramids control work of another 1000 pyramids. 144000 pyramids of the Earth correspond to 144000 Biblical Chosen (Selected) (Revelation by St.Joan). Each pyramid acts as  energy and spiritual channel necessary for successful Quantum Transition. Thus, each of 144000 Chosen has a pyramid of "his own".

  Each group of pyramids is one of twelve Basic Earth Chakras! Also 12 groups of pyramids correspond to 12 constellations of the zodiac, 12 - spiral DNA molecule (control disclosing of spirals), 12 months of year and 12 biblical Israeli tribes, 12 apostles, etc.

Each constellation of the zodiac cannot control the pyramids directly, since they not always are in a zone " of direct space visibility ". The certain stars - retranslators therefore are used. Each group of Pyramids renders specific space influence on environmental space. It is possible to ascertain, that the horoscope of a man, is determined not only under what star the man was born, but also in an operative range of what group of pyramids he or she was born.

  The pyramids of the Crimea are in this respect unique: the part of them corresponds to Aquarius, part -to Pegasus, and part - to Andromeda. The map of Crimea contains mirror reflection of some sites of the star sky!

12 basic groups of pyramids of the Earth are subdivided into two groups: reflective (transmitting) and receptive (accepting). Six groups are reflective, six - receptive. However, unique feature of the pyramids is that they have a feature of energy adaptivity  - i.e. they could adapt to concrete conditions. If it is necessary to accept energy - they will accept it, if it is necessary to give back - they will reconstruct and send it back to space.

  The pyramids of the Earth are called to play one of key roles in forthcoming in several   years Poles' shift and subsequent Quantum Transition. During fast shift of Poles on approximately 6300 km North Pole of the Earth will be moved to the area of Tibet, and Southern - in the area of Paskha (Easter) Island. 

 Some time back brand new spiritual energy of the Sixth Race began to come on the Earth has activated Earth celestochannel. The underground lake under Chatyr-Dag Mountain in the Crimea, Ukraine serves as a mirror - receiver of this energy - " Maitreya waves (or breathing) ". Besides, each zodiac epoch has managing group of pyramids changing cyclically every 2160 years. The pyramids of epoch of Pisces - Egyptian, has already transferred their star relay race to the Crimean pyramids, which will play in turn role of leading pyramids of the Earth till 4161.

The main obstacles in way of penetration of Maitreya waves on Earth - closed pyramids' channels and closed consciousness of the people as well. The pure spiritual energy of Space, adjoining with low-frequency vibrations of human consciousness causes mutual annihilation. That is shown on the physical plan in the form natural cataclysms.

  To think, to speak and to work, spiritually, in Light of Love and Truth - is a moral obligation of wise in order help to the Earth in hardest for all of us period of Transition.                          

  Twelve Gospel Apostles mean esoterically 12 pyramidal complexes and pyramidal ducts of the Earth. Thirteenth (or the first) should be considered as Christ. Thirteenth (or first) group of Pyramids - central, controlling - Tibetan Pyramids and their main Pyramid - mountain Kailas, being also central (and largest) Pyramid of the Earth. Its height is comparable to radius of the Earth and is equal to the length of Poles' shift. 











  With the help of use of effect of the pyramidal form the phenomenon of power self-sufficiency is achieved. The pyramids, as is known, were being constructed of stone blocks with addition of the certain elements. The academician Vitaly A. Gokh  established presence at blocks of some Crimean Pyramids copper dioxide and eggshell,  furnishing them with conductive properties. Besides the elements carry out a role of a reflector, shielding an internal part of Pyramids. As a result of it the Pyramids do not radiate energy from Pyramids when necessary. For this reason it is especially important to observe and to support integrity of pyramidal constructions. 

  Inside Pyramids the form provides non-energy consumptive density concentration of a magnetic field, which amplifies  closer to top.

  As it has been mentioned above, the Power Beam, which is going through a Pyramid, has different frequency of vibrations, depending on a level inside a Pyramid. Near the top of a pyramid it is maximum, due to maximum magnetic field characteristics because the space, constantly compressing to top, increases spatial pressure and forces a field. In necessary time, there is a " volcano - pyramidal eruption phenomenon", stipulated by the form effect, due to which a fast pushing out of energy occurs. Decreasing to the basis of a Pyramid, the space, on the contrary, is increasing as well as an intensity of a magnetic field (and, hence, and frequency) because of reduction of pressure of space decreases.

        The pyramids are original "rudders" for the" machine of time " control - chronal (time) flows and contours. Certainly, for the control of such a machine it is necessary to have keys, "license" and also to know rules of chronal movement - i.e. is to have Time Logos Initiation.

The pyramids of the Earth are subdivided on Lemurial and Atlantis.  Pyramids of Paskha (Easter)  (Easter) island are one of most ancient. After lemurial poles' shift they have appeared under water. Seawater prevents passage of energy, since energy gets unfocused and is dissolved through refraction in water. Therefore people of have erected additional pyramidal complex at east coast of Australia, in order to compensate power loss at Easter Island Pyramids. These pyramids are constructed similarly to each other, i.e. are identical by quantity and physical characteristics. They are "kindred" pyramids; they are connected by direct channel.

  The functioning of Pyramids of the Earth is based on a principle of organization of cellular mobile communication: the surface of a planet is divided into sites, each of which is supervised by the certain Pyramid or group of Pyramids. The circuit is based on the fact that the sites are aligned with each other with edges, providing a steady power covering. Thus, all surface of the Earth appears in complete coverage.

  To each of 144000 Pyramids of the Earth there corresponds one of 144000 biblical chosen, which should ensure "human" aspect in energy capture of a planet at the moment of Quantum Transition.

  As a result of carried out unblocking of all Pyramids of the Earth the amount of acting space energy has dramatically increased. Energy field of a planet has increased and, as the consequence, an increase of power of all bioobjects, first of all of man took place.

  Besides the Pyramids cyclically change a vector of the conductivity, they also cyclically change " star connect " - connection and energy exchange with the certain stars. An Earth Nucleus Control Crystal (ENCC) controls pyramids of the Earth. The controlling stars are divided into two groups in Northern and Southern terrestrial and heavenly hemispheres. Six groups of Pyramids are in Northern hemisphere, and six - in Southern, establishing thus hemispheric balance. 

  The influence of stars on Pyramids occurs as follows: each group of Pyramids has certain corner and area of capture. Each group of Pyramids covers the area of 60 degrees at a time, providing thus absence of dead zones. Large number and remoteness of Pyramids from each other are the factor technically providing such scope. Each group of Pyramids provides work with the appropriate range of vibrations. The transfer of star relay race during day occurs automatically as a result of daily rotation of the Earth around the axis. The star which moving across the sky in a Pyramids "capture zone", energetically influences them. When the star - donor leaves a capture zone of the given group of Pyramids, other ascending ENCC star starts involves. The switching of Pyramids at different stars occurs in an automatic mode by analogy to a roaming principle in cellular communication.

  The ENCC stars are located on certain angular distance from each other, forming in the sum of 360 degrees - i.e. complete circle. When the star (or exacter a Pyramid)  leaves a capture zone, it smoothly passes under coverage of another celestial object. Each star simultaneously influences only one group of Pyramids. The sun influences all Pyramids simultaneously: it absorbs and transforms the low frequency "used" energy of the Earth and mankind.  

  Each group of Pyramids has Central (Head) Pyramid. The work with a parent Pyramid is equivalent to work with all Pyramids of group.










  Earth Nucleus Control Crystal (ENCC) consists of 144000 celestial objects. These objects render direct influence on our planet. They are mainly stars located in different sites of the Universe; some even are invisible by an unaided eye. From them 72000 cooperate with a Nucleus (Crystal) of the Earth through Pyramids of Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, and others 72000 - through Pyramids of the Southern. Thus, each Pyramid of a planet corresponds to one of 144000 controlling celestial objects, and also one of 144000 biblical chosen. Every chosen has the star and Pyramid of "his own" in activated or not activated status. The essential evolutionary task consists in comprehension and activation of these spiritual channels of Transition.

  Mentioned does not mean, that other heavenly objects do not influence the Earth. Everything, that we see, renders influence on us. 

  The concept of maintenance of ability to live of a planet is identical to a human С: being: it consists of subtle and rough food. "Rough" is energy of the Sun, Moon and planets of solar system, and also energy wastes of terrestrial civilization. Subtle - microwave energy of Space comes through pores of the Earth - pyramids, and also through a mouth - North Pole, which form aspiration (breathing) system of the Earth whereas, used energy is dissimilating through South Pole.

  The Crystal (Nucleus) of the Earth - Planetary Logos Heart, in which nutritious mix comes. The distribution of energy occurs via Terrill channels - Earth torsion system of communication cables. The pyramids, being pores of a planetary body, together with Pyramids, Power Spots and Sacred Places, form acupuncture power complex. The influence on these points allows rendering adjusting influence on all planets.

  The circuit of distribution of energy in Pyramids is presented at Pic2.  And Pic2. 3 Pic.2 - presents view  "from above", and Pic. 3 -  "sideway view", where: 1-physical Pyramid, 2-Subtle copy - reflection, 3-bottom Subtle Crystal, 4- Subtle Crystal top, 5-Subtle Crystal Middle point, 6-CPC (Central power channel), 7-basis of a physical Pyramid.   

  The pyramidal form promotes vortical formation and "winding" of energy, that produces variable magnetic and torsion fields inside a Pyramid. Each coil of a spiral corresponds to one of seven ENCC belts (zones) and all scheme of the Universe. The closer to top, the above frequency of vibration. Celestial energy enters into the top Crystal (4) in very high frequency torsion range of vibrations (billions hertz), stage by stage reducing in the process decreasing along жщйС up to an electromagnetic range, which also is consequently   modulated. Torsion energy becomes electromagnetic, i.e. is transformed gradually, in the middle Crystal (5). On the bottom Crystal (3) the transformed energy leaves a Pyramid and is directed to a nucleus of the Earth through Shamballa Crystal (which is located under Kailas mountain in Tibet - main Pyramid of the Earth; its depth is equal to its height, i.e. radius of the Earth), which carries out a role of the information carburetor, preparing energy mixture for "work" of a nucleus of the Earth. 

  If the top (physical) part of Pyramids would function on an electromagnetic range, the effect would be adequate to nuclear explosion: in nearby territory all radio electronics there would be out of operation. Therefore electromagnetic radiation "is hidden" under ground, which extinguishes wave pulses.

 During research the group NEW AGE MASTERS has found out, that at the moment of intensive receipt of energy in Pyramids, people, who are nearby, feel a strong "star" cold, and at the moment of feedback - strong heat downloads, going from a Nucleus of the Earth. The researches were carried out on Pyramids of the Crimea and Egypt. Also it is revealed, that influxing celestial energy enters into Pyramids with dextral spin, i.e. rotating clockwise, and radiates from a Pyramid with anticlockwise spin, i.e. rotating counter-clockwise.

  It is obvious, that the Pyramids of the Earth are "windings" of a Planetary Body - Conductors of Space Energy and Galactic Beam; hence they are located on a surface of a planet belt - like. Seven basic belts (zones) of Pyramids arrangement could be deducted: lunar, planetary, solar, zodiac, precessional, star and galactic. To each pyramidal belt (zone) there corresponds certain color, note, constellation, planet, etc.

  The received analogy of the circuit of an arrangement of pyramids to a human being is characteristic: Microcosm & Macrocosm. The conceptual identity is formed! All cosmic belts are also presented and are reflected in chakral structure of human being.

  As it has been found, there are not 12, but 13 groups of Pyramids (12+1) on Earth. The group of pyramids on Easter Island was destroyed as a result of Transitive Cataclysm and partially lost its working abilities.

Atlantis people have built an additional pyramidal complex near to Australia in order to compensate power loss. No Pyramids are also to be found in Bermuda Triangle and in England. More precisely, they are there, but they are separate Pyramids, not chakral complexes. Moreover, in Bermuda there is a flooded Atlantis capital, in which there are huge fragments of pyramidal constructions. The main Bermuda Pyramid is a Temple of the Sun and Crystal of Atlantis - integral Pyramid of the huge sizes made of a glass, porcelain and ceramics. The given phenomenon also is the reason of anomalies, occurring in water area.

  Pyramids of the Earth is a uniform complex, therefore it works by a principle of mutual compensation principle. Depending on energy needs of a Nucleus, the peak disorder in force and intensity of work of Pyramids can be observed. So, one group can work on 10 % of capacity, and another - on 100 per cent.

  Similarly to a Galactic Beam, celestial energy, which "works" with Pyramids, is distributed dispercively. Hence, it is necessary to take from space this energy, to transform and to focus it and finally to transfer it to a Nucleus of the Earth. As it has already been pointed out, the Earth represents versatile the parabolic aerial. A similar design has also Pyramids (Fig. 4). 

The area of the basis carries out a role of a disk of the aerial, four corners of the basis - Magnetic Communicative Retranslators (MCR), side of a Pyramid - power ducts, top of a Pyramid - collector and retranslator of energy to Nucleus of the Earth.

  From Earth Nucleus magnetic impulse is emanated on middle Crystal, from which it is divided into four sub impulses, which magnetize four лCR's. As a result of this the variable (changeable, to be more correct) magnetic field is formed which literally draws space (celestial energy) from a capture zone of a Pyramid. The receiving energy is transferred on лCR    (Pic4), which sends it on top of a Pyramid  . Thus, when the Pyramid works on reception, the energy comes at first on its basis, and then rises upwards through its sides . On the top Crystal of a Pyramid the energy focuses in a bunch and in the focused kind sends to a nucleus of the Earth . Simultaneously there is an additional celestoenergy collection through four лCR of Pyramids, which are, in turn, tops of other four Subtle Pyramids. лCR's are directed on four cardinal points and are connected to Four Mega pyramids of the Earth (Pic3). Thus, лCR simultaneously accepts or gives back two different kinds of cosmic energy: one - through top of a physical Pyramid, one - through four Cardinal Points: North, South, West, East. 

(Pic1). Sending of energy to Space occurs under the reverse scenario.

One of the basic functions of Terrestrial Pyramids - respiratory. The pyramids are pores of the Earth, Earth breaths through Pyramids, i.e. carries out subtle energy exchange with remote Space.

As is known, planet Earth represents so-called "motley crew", in which almost entire cosmic energies as well as the Basic Spiritual Centers of Space are presented.

  Earth Nucleus Control Crystal (ENCC) consists of 14400 heavenly bodies, including the Sun.  ENCC operates in accordance to the law of precession: the Earth - controlling stars transfer periodically their star relay race in process of movement across a Galactic Precession Circle.  In a near future, in the process of Poles' Shift and Quantum Transition relocation of Earth - controlling stars will be carried out. Planetary Logos of the Earth "will be switched" together with Solar System to new Subjective Spiritual Sun - Sirius B or я.

The breath of our planet happens by analogy to breath of a human being. The Earth inhales through a Pyramid pure clean spiritual energy of Space (consisting from microwave vibrations of the broadest range: from electromagnetic up to torsion). A Planet the same way uses this energy as a human being uses an inhaled air. The exhalation is made after a short-term delay through the same Pyramids.

  The principle of duality is clearly traced in a structure and functioning of the Earth. Day and night, heat and cold, snow and water, man and woman, northern and southern hemispheres - only some of manifestations of Great Duality of the World.  The system of breath of the Earth also reflects conceptual idea of duality: the circuit of work of bodies of breath of a Planet is constructed under the "double breath " principle. Here is how it occurs: when the Pyramids of northern hemisphere work on reception, all groups of Pyramids becomes receptive, i.e. "inhales". This process proceeds within light day. Then, on sunset, energy flow weakens until a complete stop: at the night Pyramids "exhale", i.e. give back the used energy and become reflective - transmitting. If the breath occurs directly through ENCC stars, the exhaled "dirty" energy passes at first through a Crystal of the Sun and only in the cleared state comes back to the Star - donor. At this time others 6 groups of Pyramids function in the return order. The energy exchange level is controlled by the central brain center - Shamballa Crystal and local centers - Crystals of Pyramids, which are in each Pyramid. The Shamballa Crystal is under a mountain Kailas in Tibet at the depth equal to height of a mountain. This Crystal is a piece of physical Sirius. The crystals of Pyramids are connected to a Shamballa Crystal via torsion cables. They represent polycrystals of the spherical form and very much remind the mechanism of "Rube's cube"

  One of the basic characteristic of Pyramids - is so - called "turnal angle". This special direction of a Crystal in space regulates energy exchange degree. It works by analogy to devices for information interchange between the ships by the sea by means drop - door regulation of a spotlight.

  When turnal angle is equal to zero, Pyramids are 100 per cent accepting. With its change on 45,90,120 and 180 degrees a transition of a Pyramid is achieved through respective alteration of energy exchange level to an opposite status, i.e. to transmitting (180 degrees - there corresponds 100 per cent to transmitting of energy). Further, during a daily cycle turnal angle changes up to 360 - zero mark.

  We have considered only one aspiration cycle of Pyramids - daily. There are also minor cycles connected to intermediate change of a turnal angle. There are also larger cycles: seasonal, semi-annual, annual, twelve years, epochal (2160years), zodiac (hundred thousand years) and Space (millions years). During a Space cycle Pyramid are reconstructed in different places of the Earth, following changes occurring in a nucleus of the Earth and in Space. The pyramids always are in those places, where torsion cables to a nucleus of the Earth are laid and also there, where their arrangement is most favorable for the natural reasons.

  The restoration of normal operation of Pyramids will ensure smoother shift of an axis of the Earth.




















ENCC  (PIC. 5 & PIC.6 ) consists of seven  belts (zones):   



















The lunar belt (zone) is presented by an orbit of the rotation of the Moon around of the Earth - Lunar portal.

The planetary belt (zone) consists of 12 (!) planets of Solar system - Planetary Portal

The solar belt (zone) is an orbit of rotation of the Earth around of the Sun - Solar Portal.

Zodiac belt (zone) - constellations of the Zodiac - 12 constellations - annual movement of the Sun across heavenly sphere - Zodiac portal.

Precession belt (zone) is presented by constellations of precession Circle determining a Polar Star of the Earth - Precession portal. Consists of 12 constellations: 6 in Northern hemisphere (Polar Star) and 6 in Southern (South Pole).

The star belt (zone) is presented by 64 constellations - Star portal.

Galactic Belt (zone) and Portal corresponds to the Central Point of a Galaxy.

ENCC shows, that the Earth - part of Space and always cooperates with it.

It also is the circuit of distribution of a Galactic Beam. The energy of super high frequency proceeds from the Center of a Galaxy and consistently decreasing down the portal's cascade, reduces the frequency of vibrations up to frequency, acceptable by the Earth. A principle of the adapter (transformer) in terrestrial science. Besides, the power beam, passing through all celestial objects of a Galaxy, is sated with their own energy. Pyramids serve on Earth as the sockets - conductors of a Power Galactic Beam.

The feedback of the terrestrial "used" energy occurs under reversal scheme with consecutive increase of frequency. The principle of flowers is used: they consume carbonic gas, unsuitable for a human being, and in exchange produce pure oxygen. Wastes of one, is food of another.

 The reversal Power Beam, coming back to the Center of a Galaxy, carries in itself mental clichés of cumulative human thoughts and ideas.  The Beam, passing all portals, becomes nutritious synthesized energoinformational cocktail - the Creator's food!

By the way, the Earth is not final item in the circuit, which is presented only in schematic way - and can convey the truth approximately.

The model of an ENCC is dynamical: the heavenly objects are in constant interaction and intermovement relative to each other. Each moment a brand new portal combinations occur. 

The concept of a Lunar, Planetary and Solar Belts (zones) is well traced by an astrology: each moment the Moon, Sun and the planets are in any constellation, they,  in turn, also in other etc. Thus, the working channel of energy exchange is formed which moves as a result of inerrotation, cyclically transferring relay race of energy transmitting of a Galactic Beam to each other.

It is very difficult to realize this circuit by terrestrial consciousness as it is very complicated, but is accessible to spirit, having knowledge.

The given concept is only one of the first touches to the Truth of Life; attempt to conceptualize and to pack into the logic circuit Divine Universe Logic. By the way, proceeding from the present model, it is possible to predict  with the large accuracy  the moment of quantum transition - Poles' shift, which will take place, when the certain stars will be built on one line, having formed Galactic Portal.

Galactic Power Beam is emanated from the Center of a Galaxy in form of pulsations. There is a rhythm of Space by analogy to human breath and work of heart. Galactic breathes cyclically.

Reversal energy exchange of the Earth with Space is also of cyclic nature. The cycle is made in a pulsation - palpation of Space Pulse of the universe. The breath is combined with an exhalation.

There is also concept portal precession. During the certain time the sequence of portals repeats. It occurs within Galactic year.

There is a hierarchical structure of conductve portals. The closer to the Center of a Galaxy, the less often is recurrence, then closer, the more often.

The moon rotates around the Zodiac in a month, Sun - in a year, planets in longer terms. The more "internal" belt (zone) is, the more shortly cycle time. The central point of a Galaxy does not rotate relatively our Galaxy, but is mobile as against other Galaxies and Center of the universe. 









The given research in next time emphasizes that our Planet is unique and keeps in itself set of riddles, which it is ready and wants to open for individuals, aspiring to knowledge of the Truth.  We hope, that are offered material will be a starting platform for the further researches in the area of esoterics and pyramidology. 










Somferopol, Crimea, Ukraine

   December 2001.    


бкюд аскцюйнб,

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